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Grand Expedition
Henry the Armadillo
Wumbo! The Life Size Board-game
DuckTales Action Plane Sunchaser
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Mana Warriors
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Spencer Hook

Hi! My name is Spencer Hook; I am a fun and energetic Toy Designer that has a strong work ethic. I always had an interest in Toy Design, but mainly in active and physical Toys. I loved the idea of toys that enable kids to get up and be active. It is why I loved being a camp counselor and being in Boy Scouts. I am open to new ideas. I invite challenges and struggles, which helps improve my skills and abilities as an artist and person. My strengths are time management, sketching, paper prototyping, and concept development.

Grand Expedition is a discovery roleplay toy that ROCKS! Discover new things that you have never seen before and learn more about your favorite items from land to sea. For Boys 4 and up.  Kids can learn about dinosaurs, fossils, plants, bugs, and rocks by cracking open the breakable geodes. See what's inside the amber containing the mysteries of the world. With your foam pickaxe, tectonic multi-tool, metamorphic journal, and iodine belt.

Henry is a lovable and comfy transforming plush toy for kids 4+. Watch Henry on the field as the first Armadillo soccer player, then turn him into a soccer ball pillow.

LET'S GET READY TO WUMBOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Welcome to the game Wumbo, the life-size board game. Get ready for a lifetime experience; this will be huge. You are in a reality game show trying to win the prize for the title of "Ultimate Player of the World." To do that, you must show us your skills and physical capabilities to win the challenges. Whoever gets to the finish line first and completes the last challenge wins!

For all you Kingdom Hearts fans, prepare to play the game like you never played before. The Kingdom Hearts VR console jumps into the Kingdom Hearts world in Sora's perspective and battles the heartless Organization XIII. Practice playing Kingdom Hearts virtually and in reality, with the removable control Keyblade. Just take out the controller and place it in the regular handle to play and battle outside. Switch out characters with Disney amibo for different skills and power-ups.

The Ducktales Action Planes is for boys ages five and up. They can enjoy endless hours of navigating fun and travel on any terrain. The DuckTales Action Airplanes, the amphibious transforming vehicle that allows them to double, triple, quadruple the fun from their favorite DuckTales episodes!
The Suncahsers has three types of play as it transforms into three different vehicles. It also comes with a treasure chest to keep away from the evildoers who want to steal McDuck's treasure

Fly and conquer the skies with the Iron Vulture. With its mass and size to mow down Scrooge and his family and anyone that stands in your path. It also comes with a treasure chest and three different modes, similar to the Sunchaser, to conquer the land, sea, and sky and follow Scrooge McDuck to the end of the Earth. If you open the beak of the vehicle, it has a hook to capture the Suncahser or use to grab their's and your's treasure and be the wealthiest person alive!

Mana Warriors is a social action figure for boys 6+. It allows them to learn and explore the world of Polynesian culture while destroying the forces of evil and learn that love is more powerful than death.