Subin Park

Hot Tracks - Fashion Dolls
 Stampy Baby - Toy for Elementary Schoolers
Banishees - Girls Bath Toy
My Warmy Friends - Preschool Plush Toy
Retro Girls - Older Girls Fashion Doll
Spaghetti Party - Older Girls Toy 
Sketch Design - Senior Work
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Subin Park

Hello. I'm Subin Park. I am a Toy Designer who loves to design unique and fun toys! I have a passion for designing fashion dolls and girls toys! I am also interested in creating collectible toys for boys and girls! I'm enthusiastic about an opportunity to work hard and develop innovative, on trend toys!

Hot Tracks - Bring style and smiles to girls ages 7-10 with "HOT TRACKS" the only aspirational girls
 toys that allows them to create a gorgeous and dramatic racing story. Let the race begin!

 Stampy Baby - These preschoolers are not only cute, they are also a keyring and have a hidden stamp.

Banishees - Bring style and smiles to girls ages 7 - 12 with "Banishees" the one and only collectible bath toy that allows them to create a beautiful bath time! Let's collect all the different scents and forms!

My Warmy Friends - My Warmy Friends is the heatable, huggable friend for preschoolers. They are scented and filled with organic beans! Microwave them and hug them while you fall asleep! 


Retro Girls - Take a picture of the Retro Girls and use them as a TIKTOK emoji! Change their clothes and do it again!


Spaghetti Party is toy for older girls. You can open their head and take out their hair accessories!


I love drawing characters and my working process is usually drawing the character first and then designing the concept. I use photoshop and procreate to draw my designs. I really enjoy drawing characters. I love Girls Toys and Fashion Dolls. 

Splatoon Nintendo game console designed based on my experience playing Splatoon. 

Pop's Movie Theater is a Playset Concept Design. I wanted to use popcorn as theme to decorate a movie theater. Using the universe as a background, little aliens will be the guests for this Movie Theater. When the playset is closed, it will have a popcorn shape.