Tyler Wheeler

A little girl in the 70s plays D&D with her toys, weaving a fantastical story for her playmates.
A 3D model made to look 2D using the Maya Vray engine
A gentle summer day , a render done using vray.
This funky little piece was rendered in v-ray using the Maya engine.
A lovely sunny afternoon in which we gather together to make tea, using Vray software to render
A piece made with lighthearted colors and rendered in Arnold
A spunky cyberspace outcast zips through the skys ready to take on the authority.
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Tyler Wheeler

My passion is creating complex stories and integrating them into beautiful visuals. My work includes texture, lighting, and modeling characters and environments. I take pride in my artwork’s ability to tell a story.

The project was to create a piece that represents an aspect of our given decade. I received the 70’s and DND  came out at that time. Utilizing tools such as iconic color palettes and popular toys I weaved a story together about a child playing DND with her toys. The bear's head is a nod to a mistake made in DND first edition.

The piece was modeled using Zbrush and textured in Substance painter. The purpose of the project was to create a piece in 3D and texture it using Vray toon shader to look 2D. This particular character is based off one of my NPC’s in a campaign I host, I looked at punk fashion and grabbed 3D toon reference.

The focus in this piece was to create a small snapshot environment using the paint tool in Maya. It was rendered using Vray editor in maya and was a test to better understand some materials in Maya software.


This piece was aimed to make a structure with the car. I built a small building around the car creating strange shapes and unique architecture to tell the story of this strange wizard's home. All pieces were modeled in Maya, detailed in Zbrush, and textured in substance painter. The piecethat were pre-modeled are the cars and the trees.


This piece was a light focused piece. The models in it were pre modeled and focused on creating elegant lighting that drew the viewer in. I played with camera settings in order to force depth and draw the eye.

This piece was focused on creating a child-like story about a lion and his friends. All pieces except the lion were modeled in maya, detailed in zbrush, and textured in substance painter. The focus of the texture was to make a loose painterly look to bring the childlike wonder to it. Each character has a unique personality from the happy elephant to the grumpy bird.

This piece was done in zbrush, rendered in keyshot, and textured ins substance painter. The focus was to create a peice of a cyber punk girl with three usable objects. For her I decided a helmet and earpiece was most suited for this character of the future.

This piece is the centerpiece of a broader environment. All details were made in Zbrush and rendered in Keyshot. This piece focuses on the elegance of statues and the swaying movement of the fabric. The carefully placed hands show both her protective and giving nature.