Yonghwak Kim

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Yonghwak Kim

Hi I am Yonghwak Kim. I was born in Korea in 1992. I am a 2D 3D motion designer. All my work is colorful, varied and enjoyable. I enjoy working 2d and 3d and I am interested in advertising and title sequences. I usually get a lot of inspiration from the '90s Asian citys and such influences are well-received in my work.

The project began with the idea that what if Ben and Jerry had entered China, it would have been. I changed from the peaking of the product to a more familiar look to the Chinese.

This is title sequence of TV show the 100. I used photo and 3D object for this project. I try to make scene more misty and clean.

This is a Famous Korean delivery food app “YOGIYO” Bumper. I mixed 2D & 3D.

Computer live action