Youjin Kim

three friends who resemble the shape of a fruit.
toy boat
four Bubble Pop Girls and one flower play-set
rose color frame
Ice ream train station
Pink roof house
color sketches
Black and white sketches
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Youjin Kim

Hi there! I’m a Toy Designer based in Los Angeles (USA), graduating from Otis College of Art and Design in May 2020 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Toy Design. I have developed my professional background through a design internship. I am experienced in all aspects of toy production, including brainstorming, sketching, rendering, choosing the fabric for plush toys, display showroom, and shooting photographs. Additionally, I am highly experienced in the Adobe pipeline (After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator) as well as Rhino and Zbrush. I never stop searching for new styles and new forms to expand my design skills. I design toys to bring joy and comfort to children as young Youjin did. I hope my toys can be the best friends of our little friends for a long time.

Lazy Friends is urban vinyl. They were Inspired by our hidden laziness deep inside of our mind. Our Lazy Friends likes watching TV, sleeping, eating ice cream, and snacks. If you ask them to stay home, They will be staying home all day long. 

Mystery Fishing Game is a game of skill and luck that will delight players by catching "surprise" objects beneath the ice. Girls and boys age 3+ and enjoy the competition and friendly challenge. Take the bait and catch some fun. 

Bubble Pop Girls is a girl's toy line that comes with four adorable dolls and a fantastical bubble playset. Who's age four and up can play with it. Inspired by nature and season, I designed this toy line. Four characters represent each season and have one ingredient each, which are needs to make bubbles. Let's collect all four dolls and create your own colorful bubbles with Bubble Pop Girls. Also, Make a wish upon a Magical Wish Flower and make your wishes come true.

Describing how to play with Magical Flower play-set

Sweet Station is for girls 3+ looking for a sweet, sweet journey by rail. 
Let's go until we meet our dreamland.

Idea sketch of play-set

Sketches with color