Zannia Fernandez

Three alien creatures designed for an interactive video game zoo
An elf and an aasimar have a fantasy D&D wedding with all their friends on the seaside
A hydra rises from the depths to attack the wedding, and it's up to the wedding guests to fight alongside the bride and groom to destroy it.
The bride and groom stand in front of a beheaded hydra as the sun sets behind them.
Grayscale concepts of the same character standing side by side to experiment with shape design.
A black kitten standing over a bubbling cauldron putting sprinkles in the brew while her witch owner is away.
An image of an object is outlined and then a character is made from that outline.
An image of an object is outlined and then a character is made from that outline.
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Zannia Fernandez

Zannia is a 2D animator specializing in both digital and traditional animation. They put their full heart into animating whatever they do, and have a soft spot for designing and animating animals and creatures. 

A strange little girl looks for her perfect pet.

When a house cat goes missing, Detectives Snowy and Chelsea turn to the one stray who can point them in the right direction.

Using different animal traits to make a friendly creature for a video game zoo!

Beldran and Faye have a picture perfect wedding by the seaside

Beldran and Faye must work with their wedding guests to take down a wedding crasher.

Beldran and Faye reunite after the dust settles and the battle is won.

Concepts for a wood nymph for a pitch bible project.

Sprinkles the Kitten learns what happens when you're a little too helpful.

A form design is found from a simple household object.

Form design is found with a rusty chalice and some imagination.