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2012-2013 Donghia Master Class

Sep 30, 2013
Architecture/Landscape/Interiors Donghia Master Class
Spotlight Category: College

New York-based designer Shashi Caan led the Donghia Master Class this March for fourteen talented Architecture/Landscape/Interiors students. ReLAX, the week-long design charrette, was based in Caan’s belief in collaboration and the human experience. Students designed “watering holes” for LAX traveler layovers, connecting them to downtown, to the beach and wetlands, and to local residents. A $50,000 grant from the Angelo Donghia Foundation has supported this Residency for the last five years. Foundation Trustee Steven Sonet attended Caan’s public lecture at the Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, and participated in the first day of the Master Class.

*Among juror comments:
It is refreshing to see a project that brings pleasure back to design, especially to the stressful experience of air travel.
The concept of connecting both to existing transportation and communities, such as downtown and Culver City, is great.