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Assessment Committee

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The Assessment Committee has the overall responsibility for developing the College assessment plan and is charged with planning, developing, and disseminating procedures for the assessment of institutional effectiveness, and assuring continuous improvement in educational programs and related services.

Working Structure and Responsibilities
The Assessment Committee works with programs to develop and maintain a framework for ongoing assessment and to promote a “culture of evidence.” The Assessment Committee supports the institution in the process of collecting, organizing, evaluating, and validating existing and new evidence-gathering and assessment methodologies in programs at Otis. The Committee supports a flexible assessment framework that allows for a diversity of evidence across programs in support of the improvement of student learning. The Committee oversees the development of vehicles to archive student learning outcomes at both a program and college-wide level; coordinates and reviews the criteria for Program Review; reviews outcomes from College-wide annual assessment and Program Review; and supports the WASC Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO) in the preparing and writing of accreditation assessments.

The membership of the Assessment Committee reflects the institution-wide scope of assessment at Otis and consists of representatives from all programs.

The Provost’s Office provides the leadership for the Assessment Committee. Debra Ballard is Chair.