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The Fashion Department invites notable industry professionals to present lectures and symposiums relating to the areas of design process, the business of fashion, marketing, and costume design.

Solstiss Lace USA



Dr. Cindy J. Lin



B. Akerlund | Direction



Fashion Immersion Forum with Ilse Metchek



Theory | Helmut Lang



Saxx/Trent Kitsch


Jason Wu

Jason Wu - Guest Lecturer, May 2018

Costume Emphasis

Renee Ehrlich Kalfus - Costume Design Lecture, March 2018

Costume Emphasis

Eddie Castro - Costume Design Lecture, November 2017

Costume Emphasis

Jose Fernandez (Ironhead Studio) & Louise Mingenbach Direction, October 2017

Albert Wolsky & May Rolf

Albert Wolsky & May Rolf Lecture - October 2016