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A Step Beyond: Contemporary Footwear, from Functional to Fanciful

February 8, 2020

A Step Beyond presents a chronology of fashionable shoes over the past 100 years from functional to fanciful... 

A Step Beyond: Contemporary Footwear, Functional to Fanciful
Guest curated by Jo Lauria

Contemporary footwear intersects gender and fashion in continually new and creative ways. In design and fabrication, both functional and fanciful footwear emerge from a collaborative process of creativity and craftsmanship. The exhibition presents a chronology of fashionable shoes over the past 100 years as well as focusing on footwear from a variety of perspectives, including custom or limited-edition shoes handcrafted for private clients, and shoes mass-produced for the consumer market. In addition, a section of the exhibition features artists and illustrators who use the shoe as a protagonist in their individual artistic narratives.

Artists, designers, and collectors in the Exhibition: 
Alex Becerra, Gaza Bowen, Helen Chung, Jean Concoff, Twin Daniel, Steven Evans, Alexandra Felix, Phyllis Green, Amara Hark-Weber, Chaz Inouye, Paul Kaufman, Jacob Kim, David Leitch, Melissa Leventon, Anna Miller, Patsy Pitts, Luis Ramirez, Karen Regoli, Rebecca Reisman, Wes Shugart, Lucinda Smith, Lisa Sorrell, Elisabeth Thorsen, UNITED NUDE, Gregory Weir-Quiton, Pamela Weir-Quiton, Joshua Wong, and Allison Zahorik.

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