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Upcoming Exhibitions

A Step Beyond: Contemporary Footwear, Functional to Fanciful
February 8 - April 25, 2020
Opening Reception: Saturday, February 8, 4-6pm

Contemporary footwear intersects gender and fashion in continually new and creative ways. In design and fabrication, both functional and fanciful footwear emerge from a collaborative process of creativity and craftsmanship. This process is focused on manipulating the three defining elements of footwear: the upper (entire part of the shoe that covers the foot), the sole, and the heel. These essential components are shaped by the fashion and taste of the period in which they are produced. Therefore, footwear reflects the culture and era in which it is created and illustrates the imagination, innovation and artistry of its time. 

The exhibition will focus on contemporary footwear from a variety of perspectives, including custom shoes designed and handcrafted for a private client; luxury, limited-edition creations made for a privileged clientele; and shoes mass-produced for the consumer market. This selection of shoes and boots will showcase designers who successfully merged functionality with freedom of expression. Included in the exhibition will be examples of the designs and actual footwear from various sectors of the shoemaking profession.