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Benefit and Fashion Show Mentors

2018-2019 Mentors

Working with professional designers, students learn all aspects of the design process; testing new ideas, methods, materials and equipment. 

This year's mentors are: 

Bao Tranchi, (BFA '99), Bao Tranchi

Jennifer Tong, (BFA '98), Adidas/Agron Inc.

Kim Giangiuli, Ralph Lauren

Meng Wang, Ralph Lauren

Mia Stephens, Ralph Lauren

Jason Wu, Jason Wu/MADWORKSHOP 

Debbie Sabet, (BFA '05), VINCE

Patrik Ervell, VINCE

Arthur Thammavong, (BFA '14), VINCE

B. Åkerlund, B.Åkerlund

Eduardo Castro, Eduardo Castro



Past Mentors