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Black, Indigenous, People of Color Summit

2022 Bipoc Student Summit, Saturday, January 15th, 10AM to 5PM

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Program Goal:

Create a community space for Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) to connect around shared or similar identity(s), while addressing the realities of being a person of Color within the creative industry. This program will uplift and empower BIPOC student voices through dialogue on topics of personal development, professional growth, and opportunities beyond graduation.

Summit Outcomes:

As a result of participating in the BIPOC Student Summit, students will:

  1. Build a strong network of BIPOC creatives.
  2. Explore and expand upon their identity as a BIPOC person within their own personal development.
  3. Identify individual/community strengths and assets as BIPOC creatives for professional growth and opportunities.
  4. Explore how their identity(ies) influence their journey within the creative industry.
  5. Identify strategies for academic success to provide a successful transition into a creative field.
Who is Eligible?:

All incoming and current students who self-identify as Black, Indigenous, or Person of Color (BIPOC) are eligible for this program. This program is focused on the experiences and narratives of BIPOC-identified persons in the creative field and will offer opportunities for students to self-explore and build connections around this focus.

How to Register:

If you self-identify as BIPOC and are an incoming or current student who would like to participate in this free program, we welcome you to register. Registraiton will open in October 2021. Keep a look out for more details. 

Summit Dates:

The BIPOC Student Summit is designed as a one-day in-person experience that will run prior to the start of the Spring semester. This year, the BIPOC Student Summit will take place on campus on Saturday, January 15, 2022

Summit Fee:

This program is completely FREE! All you have to do is register for the program and await further details.

Program Design At-A-Glance (all times are PST)

  • Saturday, January 15
    Program/Activity Start End Presenter(s) Description
    Welcome & Keynote

    10:00am PST

    11:15am PST

    Break 11:15am  PST  11:20am PST     
    Session 1 11:20pm PST  12:15pm PST   


    Lunch 12:30pm PST  1:30pm PST     
    Session 2 1:30pm PST  2:25pm PST     
    Session 3  2:30pm PST 3:25pm PST    
    Closing Keynote 3:30pm PST  4:15pm PST    
    Mixer/Social 4:15pm PST 5:00pm PST