PST: LA/LA South Bay Long Beach Art Shuttle Weekend

PST: LA/LA Art Shuttle Tour South Bay / Long Beach

Tour the participating exhibitions of Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA in South Bay / Long Beach area via free shuttles for an entire weekend September 23 and 24, 10am - 5pm.
Free shuttles will run from every institution through out both days, running every 45 minutes.
Check the event page for updates on special events and programs featured at the participating venues

Ben Maltz Gallery presents Talking to Action: Art, Pedagogy, and Activism in the Americas, September 17 - December 10, 2017 as part of PST: LA/LA.

South Bay / Long Beach Shuttle Art Tour participating institutions:

Angels Gate Cultural Center (AGCC), San Pedro; Ben Maltz Gallery, Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles; University Art Museum (UAM), California State University, Long Beach; ESMoA, El Segundo; Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA), Long Beach; Torrance Art Museum (TAM), Torrance.

On Saturday, Sep 23, 11am-2pm, as part of the Shuttle Weekend, Cog•nate Collective invites the public to Dedicated to the One I Love  a workshop in their MICA (Mobile Institute for Citizenship + Art) trailer located outside Ben Maltz Gallery to make song dedications to fellow citizens -- to the polis -- to produce a zine + playlist compilation that will reside within the MICA trailer. Leaf through and pick your dedication from a selection of love songs that speak to our collective affective ties and the dissonance/resonance that exist between members of our Alta/Baja California border region.

As part of MICA’s exploration of the ways the cultural affects of a market can assume political effect — by establishing (extra-national) relational ties with others that (can) set the foundation for political recognition + solidarity — we would like to collaborative produce a cartonera zine + playlist featuring love songs dedicated to the polis — to fellow citizens.

The public in attendance will be invited to leaf through extracts of pre-selected song-lyrics — from music that is part of the sonic landscape of Southern California swap meets (e.g. oldies) — and pick out one they feel most represents their relationship with/to their fellow citizens. The songs will range from expressing love and friendship, to longing and/or even disdain.

The lyrics will be printed out on large pieces of cardboard that participants will be asked to hold on a small platform as the song plays from the MICA trailer behind them. Photographs of participants with their selections, as well as small extracts of conversations about their selections, will form the basis of a Cartonera Zine + CD that will be featured in the MICA trailer for the duration of the exhibition.

Cog•nate Collective
Cog•nate Collective—active since 2012 in Los Angeles, California and Tijuana, Mexico––consists of artists + researchers Misael Diaz and Amy Sanchez. Diaz spent his childhood crossing the border from Tijuana to San Diego every day to go to school. Sanchez grew up in Texas, crossing to Mexicali frequently to visit her extended family. The two met while studying art history at UCLA and recognized their shared understanding of the US/Mexico border region as something more nuanced than the dominant narratives portrayed. For them, crossing the border was an almost banal, everyday occurrence, like a membrane which communities share from both sides.

Cog•nate Collective’s MICA (Mobile Institute for Citizenship + Art) is a nomadic platform to construct alternative modalities for political dialogue and collective action in artistic + pedagogical projects that foster social/cultural exchange with/in migrant communities throughout the TJ/LA border region. Using public/informal markets throughout Southern California and northern Mexico for research and intervention, MICA seeks to transform these sites (and the greater border region) into incubators for reimagining ways of understanding and enacting citizenship in spite of national delimitations.

September 23, 2017
September 24, 2017
Special Event
PST: LA/LA South Bay Long Beach Art Shuttle Weekend
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September 23, 2017 -
September 24, 2017
2017-09-23 10:00 2017-09-24 17:00
Special Event
PST: LA/LA South Bay Long Beach Art Shuttle Weekend
Ben Maltz Gallery
9045 Lincoln Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045
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