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Fashion Internship Fair

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Fashion Internship Fair

Companies seeking fashion design interns and junior designers should attend our annual Fashion Internship Fair on Friday, February 26th, from 3-6pm PT. This annual event allows employers to meet one-on-one with juniors from our BFA Fashion Design department. We welcome a diverse selection of industry recruiters from dozens of leading design brands to provide practical feedback on students' work and to recruit for job and internship openings for the summer.

EMPLOYERS REGISTER NOW for the Fashion Internship Fair!

What can I expect at the Fashion Internship Fair?

As an employer participant you can expect to meet with Juniors from the BFA Fashion Design program. This year, in light of the significant employment disruptions caused by COVID-19, some Seniors seeking internships will also participate. This year's event is entirely virtual. You will be able to register on our job board and provide information on how you would like to have your virtual "chats" or meetings with students, providing a link to your own preferred meeting platform (Zoom, GoToMeeting, Ring Central, Google Hangouts, etc). You will be able to view students in advance and send messages to those you are particularly interested in meeting with. You also have the option of holding Group Chats open to all students, as well. On the day of the event, students will join virtual queues to talk with you, and you'll be able to click through your queue one by one. 

What information do I need to register for the fair?

To ensure that the registration process is quick and easy, please have the following information ready:

  • Company and department interested in creative talent candidates
  • A brief description of your organization
  • Position descriptions with
    • Required and/or preferred skills and qualifications
    • Desired hours
    • Rate of pay
    • Location (and remote/in-person, etc)
  • All attendee/representative information
  • Virtual meeting information for students to access their chats with you (Zoom, GoToMeeting, Ring Central, Google Hangouts, etc)

How do I register for Otis College’s Annual Fashion Internship Fair?

REGISTER HERE on our job board. You will be asked to complete information about your company, internship/job opportunities, and how you want students to virtually chat with you. 

We are excited to see you at the fair!

Contact April Castro, Employer Relations and Internship Specialist, with any questions: