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Job Search Strategy

A good internship and job search strategy includes multiple methods: networking, employer research, job boards, and employment agencies. You should incorporate all of these elements in your job search, not just the easiest ones. In fact, strategies that take the most time and effort usually have the biggest payoff. (For students seeking on-campus employment, visit the On-Campus Student Employment page on the MyOtis portal.)

It’s important to be persistent during your job search. On average it can take 4-6 months to land an internship or entry-level job with ongoing effort. This means blocking off time in your schedule to dedicate to your job search – anywhere from 30 minutes to 8 hours each day depending on how ambitiously you’re seeking opportunities. For fine artists and freelancers or entrepreneurs, it’s just as important to dedicate this same amount of time to finding ways to exhibit your work, build your audience, get commissions, and attract clients.

Tracking your progress by writing things down in a spreadsheet will help (download a tracking spreadsheet). It will remind you who you need to follow up with and you can reflect on what may be working or where you need to update your search. If you’re seeking advice from others (such as a career counselor) it will help them understand your progress and direction so they can offer feedback. Remember to celebrate your wins if you reach job search goals such as: number of new networking connections made, number of targeted applications submit in a week, or getting invited to interview!

If you’re not finding opportunities or the kind that appeal to you, revisit your process to implement a more robust job search strategy and make an appointment for career counseling.