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Cathy Lightoot: 2014-15 Faculty Development Grant Report


In Fall of 2014, I received a Faculty Development Grant to fund the printing of two copies of my artist's book titled Sensation of Color: A Painter's Inquiry. This project is made up of 120 individual inkjet prints of original color investigations that I made in gouache on paper in 2013-2014. My grant award funded one full-scale, 7 x10” copy for exhibition and a smaller, 5 x 7” "studio set" for my personal use. The grant also funded the materials for 2 archival boxes that I constructed to house the prints.

--Cathy Lightfoot
Adjunct Associate Professor, Foundation

Read Full Report [PDF]

Sensation of Color, 7 x 10 in. set

7 x 10 inch set

Sensation of Color, 5 x 7 in. set

5 x 7 inch set