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May 3, 2012
Spotlight Category: Alumni
Olivier Chatard (’07 Communication Arts)
Oli + Joe
As a multidisciplinary creative agency, we embed brands, products, spaces and multimedia with meaning and resonance. We create innovative concepts, generate relevant branding experiences, and produce interactive content.
Starting up
My Director at Yahoo! where I worked for two years said I was good at organizing and managing and that I had great creative skills.  I enjoyed working with different teams and projects. I realized I liked the direct aspect of working with clients and that I wanted to start my own company. I work crazy hours but I have the flexibility to do creative projects for clients. I wanted to keep the business small to keep the quality of work high. Large teams water down ideas.
Biggest reward
Not reporting to anyone. Dealing directly with clients and building relationships with them. We take the time to talk about employees’ personal projects. The more they express themselves, the better their work is.
Biggest challenge
Not being afraid to approach new clients, and challenging yourself to push your boundaries. Some clients say this is not going to work, so you have to challenge yourself to change your approach. To be challenged is the best growth. If I fail, I fail; I will learn.
Breakthrough moment
For our third job we were hired to work on branding and website design with the head of the company and their investors. They said “show us what you can do.”  I showed them the rebranding. Everyone loved it, and they hired me. If you find the passion and believe in it, people recognize it.