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Khoi Vinh Launches Mixel App

May 4, 2012
Spotlight Category: Alumni

Khoi Vinh (’93, Communication Arts)

Vinh co-founded the company Lascaux to address “the innate impulse that all humans have to express ourselves visually.” After working as the design director for the from 2006 to 2010, he decided to follow his entrepreneurial itch, and raised $700,000 in start-up funding for Mixel, a free iPad app, which launched in November 2011.

“I’m a designer at heart, and what I’m compositionally best suited for is the challenge of designing user experiences, hopefully superb user experiences.”

Mixel allows “creative self-expression for new audiences and users everywhere, [combining] the transformative power of social networks and multi-touch tablets to let people from all walks of life make art — and have fun doing it — in a wholly new way.
Mixel is a true social experience, which is why it’s fun and engaging, turning art-making into something casual, accessible and even addictive. It is incredibly easy to use and unintimidating, yet at the same time it sparks creativity that many people haven’t tapped since childhood.”

“At Otis I thought I’d be an illustrator, but halfway thru my junior year I got turned on to graphic design.  In part, I was influenced by the emergence of Macs.  I realized that everything I’d been interested in was fundamentally a graphic design problem.  My original illustration work was collage-like, so the idea much later on for Mixel seemed perfect. I guess the main thing that Otis taught me was to think critically, to really look at events, opportunities and problems, and come up with creative solutions.”


Source: OMAG issue #12