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Lisa Sirlin Hall Launches No Roses Gallery

May 3, 2012
Spotlight Category: Alumni
Lisa Sirlin Hall (’83 Communication Arts)
No Roses Gallery
No Roses Gallery is an artisan jewelry gallery that exhibits a carefully curated, rotating group of a dozen local jewelry artisans, fine crafters and photographers, along with our “house” collections of jewelry and functional art. Our artists include a fiber artist who spins and knits angora rabbit yarn from hand-raised bunnies, and a jewelry artist who gilds her family’s collection of turn-of-the-century lace with 24 karat gold.
Starting up
After two decades of producing creative projects for other people and companies, I took a look at my own work and realized I’d neglected my own point of view for too long. A dear friend reminded me that I’m most serene when I’m in my workshop, melting metal and playing with fire. I began a multi-year journey to create and market a cohesive body of work, and launch an artisan jewelry gallery.
Biggest reward
The most rewarding part of making a living from my own vision is the freedom to rave about my successes and to earnestly learn from my mistakes. No compromises means that I’m not held captive to another’s agenda, ego or vision. Achievement is ours to win or lose, on terms my husband/business partner and I set for our business.
Breakthrough moment
At an open studio at Santa Fe Art Colony, I realized that my jewelry didn’t HAVE to be “epic” in order to have a meaningful impact on others. Sometimes the honest, understated, and simple pieces are the most personal. I re-envisioned my work more cleanly and functionally, and everything came together. The visit allowed me to see through the clutter of “should.”