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Color Palette

The Otis College's primary color palette includes 12 colors plus black. When selecting colors, please select only one color and use it with another neutral tone like blackĀ or grey.

Primary Color Palette

Download Color palette pdf file

  • Black

    C=0 M=0
    Y=0 K=0

    Web: #000000

  • Green
    PMS Green U

    C=93 M=1
    Y=58 K=0

    Web: #008E5B

  • Purple
    PMS Violet U

    C=61 M=74
    Y=0 K=0

    Web: #6C07C5

  • Light Purple
    PMS Violet
    0631 U

    C=27 M=45
    Y=0 K=0

    Web: #8E5CFF

  • Magenta
    PMS 806 U

    C=0 M=84
    Y=0 K=0

    Web: #FF5BC5

  • Yellow
    PMS Yellow U

    C=60 M=5
    Y=100 K=0

    Web: #FFF404

  • Blue
    PMS Reflex
    Blue U

    C=91 M=83
    Y=2 K=0

    Web: #000BFF

  • Light Blue
    PMS 0821

    C=51 M=0
    Y=4 K=0

    Web: #00C5FF

  • Neon Green
    PMS 802 U

    C=69 M=0
    Y=100 K=0

    Web: #06ff04

  • Orange
    PMS Orange
    021 U

    C=0 M=72
    Y=86 K=0

    Web: #FF8E02

  • Red
    PMS Red 032 U

    C=0 M=84
    Y=59 K=0

    Web: #FC0002

  • Aqua Green
    PMS 3255 U

    C=55 M=0
    Y=26 K=0

    Web: #00cfbb