CANCELLED: Otis 8th Annual Kite Festival

Over the years, the Otis Kite Festival has blossomed into a wonderful event focused on sustainability, serving children and the community throughout the cities of Los Angeles and Santa Monica. Unfortunately, due to safety and logistical concerns this summer, the 2019 Otis Kite Festival is cancelled. Thank you to everyone who expressed interest and who have supported the kite festival throughout the years. 


Richard Shelton
Gina Valona


Art 4 Moore
Custom Hotel
Los Angeles World Airport


Bristol Farms
La Tiera Village
Come Fly a Kite!

In previous years, the Otis College Kite Festival has offered a community kite making event at the shores of the world famous Santa Monica Pier! Renowned kite artists and designers from around the United States are invited to share their expertise and passion for kite design, making and flying. Each year, attendees of the festival learn how to construct their own Sumi and Tetra Kites and watch expert Kite Flyers from around the nation fly thier art kites and large inflatable Kites throughout the day!  Every child and attendee recieve their own DYI Kite Kit inclusive of a color theory lesson, which ties into both ART and STEAM education. The festival seves the community as a fun and enriching experience for both the young and young at heart! 

Art Workshops & Solar DJ's

A variety of additional art related workshops include plein-air drawing, watercolor painting, community sand castle making, and sculpture offers something for everyone in attendance. Set to the backdrop of the sun and sea, with the melodic sounds of Sycons Solar Dj's make the Festival a one of a kind experience for attendees. 

The Next 100Years – Moving Forward Together

Every year, Creative Action brings together artists, community advocates, designers, educators, families, non-profits, private enterprise, and the community at larger to get to know one another, share stories and play with the goal of building relationships. This year, Otis celebrated its 100th year birthday As we look forward to the future, we ask “What positive impact can OTIS and its neighbors make on the planet and society in the NEXT 100 years?  We believe the answer to that question begins collaboratively, and is inclusive of the rich diversity that OTS and the City of Los Angeles has to offer.