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Curricular Innovation Grants

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In response to faculty and College interest in curricular innovation, Curricular Innovation grants are available through the Provost’s Office to support BFA/MFA faculty who wish to participate in e-Learning research..

Curricular Innovation Grants (for research into e-Learning)

Interested BFA/MFA faculty members may apply to participate in an online 6-week pedagogy seminar in one semester and, if motivated to do so, develop an e-Learning course in a subsequent semester. Selected faculty members may receive one-time Curricular Innovation grants of $500 for participation and completion of the pedagogy seminar, Bricks & Clicks.

An e-Learning Course stipend is available for researching, developing, and assessing a new e-Learning course. Effective January 2018 this one-time stipend offers $150.00 per virtual week of instruction and is available for researching, developing, and assessing a proposed Blended e-Learning course (5-8 weeks of virtual instruction) and/or a fully Online e-Learning course (100% virtual instruction).


All full-time, adjunct, and part-time faculty who have taught for a minimum of 1 year at Otis and have Chair approval are eligible. All faculty are encouraged to apply.

1. Pedagogy Seminar

Click Here to Apply for a Pedagogy Seminar Bricks + Clicks!
  • By Friday (3rd week of the semester)

Questions: Contact

Grant Requirements:
  • Participation in and completion of an online seminar about online pedagogy called "Bricks + Clicks."
  • The total time commitment for this course is approximately 3-5 hours per week including required homework, some of which is about developing online course modules.
  • You will be expected to keep up with all course readings and postings, as well as interact with fellow “students” and reflect upon your experiential learning in an e-portfolio.

Successful completion of Bricks + Clicks is required of all faculty who wish to teach e-Learning courses at Otis. (Completion of Bricks + Clicks does not guarantee that you may teach an e-learning course; Department Chairs determine which and how many e-Learning courses are offered.)

2. Research, Develop and Assess an e-Learning Course

Click Here To Apply for Researching/Developing/Assessing an e-Learning course!
  • By the 4th week of the semester

Questions: Contact

Grant Requirements:
  • Your Chair’s approval to offer an e-Learning course for an upcoming semester is required.
  • S/he must send an email to saying that they support your proposal and are willing to consider running an e-Learning course.
  • You will need to develop additional modules as needed for an e-Learning course that you will you share with your department and other faculty who are interested.
  • You will receive the grant payment once the course has been approved, enrollment confirmed and course launched. (All blended and online courses first require completion of Bricks + Clicks.)