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design solutions
Communication Arts: Design Solutions
FNDT145 —1 credit
The course is a combination lecture/studio class that is open to students working in all media. The term post internet developed in the 2000’s to describe a movement in arts and criticism that refers to society and modes of interaction following the widespread adoption of the internet.... More Post post internet is a satirical term to describe what might be needed now. The course will track the states of form of recent visual culture to imagine new and powerful models for thinking about art's circulation and currency. The hope is to connect digital technologies, mostly existent online, to one’s own creative practice through experimentation, imagination, and critical thinking/feeling. This class will take a media-theoretic perspective on digital life and communication; that is, we will approach the questions of the meaning, use, and phenomena of digital media using tools drawn from the study of other media as social and cultural forms within and exterior to the arts. We will address a range of topics including: mass communication and popular culture; tactical media, social media, and political participation; participatory culture, reuse and remix; regulation and governance; and their implications on art making post-Internet. Less
Communication Arts: Illustration
FNDT145 —1 credit
Illustrators explore visual language and narrative skills through drawing, sketching, sequencing, researching, and observation for applications in entertainment... More illustration, animation,character development, concept illustration, publication and editorial illustration, advertising, and product illustration. Taught by faculty engaged in the Illustration profession. Less
Communication Arts: Printmaking
FNDT145 —1 credit
An introduction to the fundamentals of printmaking, incorporating drawing, painting, and collage with methods of monotype, collograph, and drypoint... More engraving. Through technique and experimental processes students will produce multiples and work for an exchange portfolio. Taught by Communication Arts faculty. Less


Digital Media: Motion Graphics Essentials
FNDT145 —1 credit
This course takes art and design to a different level by adding movement. Students refine skills through the use of today’s most sophisticated, yet easy to... More learn tools. Students explore compositing in After Effects, and Photoshop and use digital video, photography, and hand-made artwork to tell stories and create moving designs. Taught by Digital Media faculty. Less
Architecture/Landscape/Interiors: Designing Space
FNDT145 —1 credit
Design the spaces where we live, work, and play. This course will introduce the full scope of spatial design fields: architecture (buildings), landscape... More (spaces between buildings), and interiors (spaces within buildings). Students will visit architecture landscapes, and interiors in Los Angeles while designing their own building and landscape proposals. Taught by Architecture/Landscape/ Interiors faculty. Less
Fashion Design: Introduction to Fashion Design and Illustration
FNDT145 —1 credit
Introduces students to the fundamentals of designing and illustrating a small sportswear collection. Students will learn how to develop a fashion pose, research a... More theme for their collection, apply it to their designs, draw technical flats and simple sportswear on a figure. Additionally, students will design an “up-cycled” T-shirt. Less


Fine Arts: Painting Explorations
FNDT145 —1 credit
A basic painting course introducing a variety of painting methods and materials, including color mixing, paletting, and paint application in oil and/or acrylic. Instruction will blend... More technical facility with the creative process within a studio environment supportive of risk-taking and the entertainment of possibilities. Traditional and contemporary modes of pictorial representation and abstraction will be explored. Taught by Fine Arts faculty. Less
Fine Arts: Photography/Sculpture
FNDT145 —1 credit
This practice- based class examines photography’s connections to sculpture by establishing sculptural elements in relation to the photographic process. Students will... More examine how sculptural activities can apply before, during, and after the photographic process, and how such combinations affect perceptions of forms and ideas. Instruction will blend technical procedures with a process of self-directed investigation. Taught by Fine Arts faculty. Less
Product Design: Product Design Workshop
FNDT145 —1 credit
An introductory overview course that teaches the basics of the Product Design Process applied to consumer items. Students engage in... More research and analysis, design thinking, ideation, and concept development as well as presentation skills. Drawing and making skills are developed through execution of multiple projects resulting in portfolio worthy objects. Taught by Product Design faculty. Less


design solutionstoy-design
Toy Design: Introduction to Toy Design
FNDT145 —1 credit
An idea-driven workshop that introduces students to Adobe Photoshop as a primary tool for the manipulation of drawn and photographic images. Instruction will focus on... More Photoshop as a means of enhancing drawing skills in support of design activity and concept presentation in preparation for further study within the Toy Design major. Taught by Toy Design Faculty. Less
Paris Trip
FNDT145 —1 credit
Students travel to Paris for 10 days in March for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit museums and historic sites with Foundation faculty for on-site lectures and... More focused field study. Please note: Otis College of Art and Design reserves the right to cancel scheduled foreign travel based on international travel conditions and/or safety concerns. Less