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Extension Program Learning Outcomes

Students enrolled in Otis College Extension Certificate Programs will learn to:

  1. Identify and apply art and design elements, principles, and terminology in the creation and improvement of work.
  2. Demonstrate effective use of media and techniques while creating works of art and/or design.
  3. Express themselves aesthetically and/or creatively while making works of art and /or design.
  4. Identify visual strengths and weaknesses to promote aesthetic resolution and clear intentions in works of art and/or design.
  5. Distinguish between subjective and objective assessment through critique of art/design work.
  6. Demonstrate inventiveness through the use of problem-defining and problem-solving processes and skills.
  7. Identify and apply sustainable art and design practices in their chosen media.
  8. Investigate, experiment with, re-visit, and refine ideas and concepts as works of art and/or design.
  9. Demonstrate professionalism by managing time and media to meet deadlines and elevate the quality of works produced.
  10. Use the larger metropolitan community as a creative and learning resource.
  11. Identify and transfer professional skills to gain employment in their area of study.
  12. Recognize historical and/or cultural influences as a source of inspiration for and influence on art/design.