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Fashion Design

The Fashion Design Certificate Program is intended for individuals beginning a new career, augmenting an existing career, or seeking to enhance their existing art or design skills. The program is geared for the adult learner and is designed to prepare students for an entry level position in the fashion industry as a fashion designer (SOC 27-1022), designer’s assistant (SOC 27-1022), or patternmaker (SOC 51-6092). The program meets the professional industry standards outlined by Otis School of Fashion Design, the leading educational program nationwide.

Study begins with the development of an understanding of design in dress and leads to a translation of that knowledge into practical manufacturing requirements. Courses provide intensive, practical training leading to the development of a professional portfolio.

The 18 Course Sequence:

XDWG1001 Drawing & Composition
XGRD1101 Color Theory & Design
XGRD5012 Fundamentals of 2-Dimensional Design
XDWG1014 Life Drawing
XFSH3000 Introduction to Fashion
XFSH3201 History of Costume
XFSH3001 Introduction to Apparel Design Development
XFSH3028 Figure Drawing for Fashion
XFSH3056 Fashion Illustration
XFSH3019 Sewing I
XFSH3014 Draping I
XFSH3015 Patternmaking I
XFSH3126 Textiles for Fashion
XFSH4031 Digital Design for Fashion
XFSH3132 Design Studio
XFSH5500 Final Project: Designing and Marketing a Fashion Line
• 2 Elective courses

Estimated Program Cost:
Certificate Application: $185
Tuition: $9,730
Supplies & Books: $2,400
Total: $12,130

Please note: Certificate program courses are open to all students. Students interested in taking certificate program courses for professional growth or personal development, are welcome to attend.

For further information, or to speak with a counselor, please call (310) 665-6850.