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Fine Arts

The Fine Arts Certificate Program provides an introduction to the fundamentals of fine arts as a vehicle for creative self-expression. Taken together, these courses provide an overview of the concepts, language and skills of fine art practice. A strong emphasis is placed on enabling students to develop their personal artistic vision. That vision is facilitated by a close working relationship between faculty and students. This program is designed to prepare students as fine artists including painters, sculptors, and printmakers (SOC 27-1013).

The program includes the six core courses outlined below, plus two elective courses. Advisors are available to help students choose elective courses from the Continuing Education catalog. Additional courses are also available for students who wish to pursue their interests beyond the Certificate program.

The Eight Course Sequence
• 6 Core Courses
XARH300 Art Making Through the Ages: A Hands-on Approach to Art History
XGRD1101 Color Theory & Design
XDWG1001 Drawing & Composition
XPTG1128 Introduction to Painting
XPHO2010 Introduction to Photography
XSCP1609 Introduction to Sculpture

• 2 Elective Courses

Students may select one-unit courses from the Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, or Photography programs to fulfill elective credit.

Estimated Program Cost:
Certificate Application: $185
Tuition: $4,260
Supplies & Books: $2,000
Total: $6,260

Please note: Certificate program courses are open to all students. Students interested in taking certificate program courses for professional growth or personal development, are welcome to attend.

For further information, or to speak with a counselor, please call (310) 665-6850.