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Graphic Design

The Graphic Design Certificate Program is designed for individuals who are developing a new career, augmenting a current career, or seeking to enhance their existing art or design skills. The program is geared for the adult learner and is designed to meet the needs of the graphic design industry. Programs stress creative problem-solving and provide intensive practical training. All courses are taught by professional designers and fine artists. The program is designed to prepare students for an entry level position as a graphic designer or production artist (SOC 27-1024).

The 16 Course Sequence

• 12 Core courses
XGRD5014 Introduction to Graphic Design
XDWG1001 Drawing & Composition
XGRD1101 Color Theory & Design
XGRD5012 Fundamentals of 2-D Design
XDMA9011 Introduction to Digital Design
XGRD5026 Digital Print Production
XGRD5029 Typography I
XGRD5030 Typography II
XILU5020 Quick Sketch Techniques
XILU5019 Storyboarding for Entertainment and Design
XGRD5016 Logos, Letterforms, and Symbols
XGRD5500 Final Portfolio

• 4 Electives courses
Students may select full-unit courses from the Digital Media Arts program to receive elective credit.

Estimated Program Cost:
Certificate Application: $185
Tuition: $9,525
Supplies & Books: $2,000
Total: $11, 525

Please note: Certificate program courses are open to all students. Students interested in taking certificate program courses for professional growth or personal development, are welcome to attend.

For further information, or to speak with a counselor, please call (310) 665-6850.