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Textile/Surface Design

The Textile/Surface Design Certificate Program offers training in the technical and creative skills required to begin a career in the textile/surface design field as a colorist, repeat artist, designer, or stylist.

This comprehensive program of study has been designed to prepare students for an entry level position as a textile production artist (SOC 51-6099) as it relates to areas of applied design including home furnishings, fashion apparel, wall coverings, floor coverings, decorative papers, and greeting cards.

The 8 Course Sequence
• 2 Prerequisite Courses
XGRD5012 Fundamentals of 2-Dimensional Design
XGRD1101 Color Theory & Design

• 6 Core Courses
XSRF4012 Textile/Surface Design IA
XSRF4016 Textile/Surface Design IB
XSRF4018 Textile/Surface Design IIA
XSRF4020 Textile/Surface Design IIB
XSRF4024 Textile/Surface Design IIIA
XSRF4026 Textile/Surface Design IIIB

Estimated Program Cost:
Certificate Application: $185
Tuition: $4,225 ($3,215 without prerequisites)
Supplies & Books: $1,500
Total: $5,725 ($4,715 without prerequisites)

Please note: Certificate program courses are open to all students. Students interested in taking certificate program courses for professional growth or personal development, are welcome to attend.

For further information, or to speak with a counselor, please call (310) 665-6850.