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Intermediate Oil Painting

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Intermediate Oil Painting

Explore practical techniques even further to grow as a painter. In this intermediate course, students focus on building a ground, color mixing, capturing form, and when to employ tightness versus looseness. From figuration to abstraction, instruction emphasizes creating bodies of work for professional exhibitions and practices that minimize exposure to toxic chemicals used by the masters themselves.

Prerequisite: Introduction to Painting: Materials and Techniques

First class materials:
Oil Paints, range of colors (Rembrandt (at DickBlicks) or Williamsburg (at starter sets are great)
Biodegradable Windsor Newton Brush Cleaner Restorer
1-2 Palette Knives (get leaf shape not long and skinny)
16 x 20 inch Frederick Canvas Pads

- 1 box of 6 Centurion Deluxe Oil Primed 16 x 20” canvases or larger (Do not buy the 12 x 48 shape even though they’re on sale. Favorite ratio is closer to 4/5, ie: 16 x 20”, 20 x 24”, 20 x 30”, only avail at Jerrysartarama (not DickBlicks) OR 1-3 canvases 16 x 20 or larger from Dickblicks, linen if available.
Brushes a range of shapes and sizes skewing larger, I Love sable AND bristle, make sure it’s for oil paints.
Linseed Oil*, OMS Gamsol (see below)
Marble dust
Bag of Rags
1 ½ - 2”Chip Brushes ,
paper towels
Jello plastic 4 oz cups with lids. (Smart and Final)
Hammer and small nails.
Artist tape (white not blue).

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