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Art and Design Fundamentals: Full Course (Online), 12 weeks

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Art and Design Fundamentals: Full Course (Online), 12 weeks

Art and Design Fundamentals: Full Course (Online), 12 weeks

Successful art and design initiatives begin with a strong foundation in the fundamentals. This online course starts you on your way to developing the tools that artists and designers employ every day. Comprised of a series of three 4-week modules, each module has a specific focus, including 1) drawing and composition, 2) principles of two-dimensional design, and 3) figure drawing. Designed to be flexible to meet our student’s needs, you can either register to take all three modules (12-weeks in total) or individual modules (4-weeks each).

Prerequisite: None

To take all three modules, or to register for specific modules, click on each individual module title.

Drawing Form
Online, 4-weeks
Focus is on drawing techniques to develop naturalistic 3-dimensional objects. Specific topics covered include perspective drawing, cross contour techniques, black and white still life, and light logic.
Prerequisite: None

2-Dimensional Design
Online, 4-weeks
The course explores graphic organizing principles through drawing and collage. Covers how to manipulate shape, line, value, and the use of composition to convey meaning.
Prerequisite: None

Life Drawing
Online, 4-weeks
This course focuses on the basics of Life Drawing including gesture drawing, measuring the figure, and planar portrait drawing. Life Drawing is a great place to begin in art and design, especially if you want to understand how clothing drapes around a body, how to design furniture to comfortably fit human proportions, how to illustrate a walk-cycle for animation and many other skills.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Prerequisite: None

Please note: The course takes place completely online in an asynchronous environment. New course material is uploaded weekly; the day and time will be noted in the course syllabus. Login information to access the syllabus and course materials will be emailed to each student from the Extension office. Please include a current email address upon registration.

Supplies: Graphite pencil (HB or darker); drawing paper (sketchbook or printer paper acceptable); firm surface to work on such as a drawing board or clipboard

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September 9, 2019 - November 25, 2019

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