Creative Thinkers Workshop

Creative Thinkers Workshop

Ages 11-14

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If you love getting your hands dirty expressing yourself with creative activities, you may just want to trade in TikTok for design, animation, drawing, and fun for a weekend. CTW @Otis offers 11-14 year olds a 4-day overnight weekend immersion, which allows you to hone in on your skills and discover new ones, live among and forge friendships with fellow students, and receive guidance from professional artists and designers specializing in a host of exciting art forms. Sessions culminate in a final exhibition.


Each project is carefully crafted to introduce our creative thinkers to design vocabulary, techniques, and processes unique to Otis College of Art and Design and applicable to future school assignments and personal explorations.


The design field is exploding with in-demand, 21st-century jobs in product design, interaction design, architecture, fashion, and more! This program will give students real-world experiences in design, exploring the many ways designers think and make.


We are offering two sessions of the Creative Thinkers Workshop. The cost for each session is $1,200, which includes the cost of the program, housing, meals, and materials. 


Character Design Session : June 18 – June 21, 2020


Graphic Design Session : June 25 – June 28, 2020


Questions? Contact us at or (310) 665-6864. 


Character Design session

Do you want to learn the steps to develop your own characters, Super-Heroes/Heroines, villains, and even their side-kicks? Did you know that certain shapes evoke different visual messages? For example, triangles are mainly the base for villainous characters, circles are typically the basis for sweet, soft, fluffy, kind characters, and squares are geared for more reserved and serious types. Also, did you know that color is an important factor in designing characters? 


Discover how to develop characters from your very own imagination, either from an original drawing, or by creating a story about the character. Following a step-by-step process, you will learn how to develop original heroes, villains, and side-kicks, and determine how they depend on others to make them who they are. You can either develop a short comic strip or your very own original comic book, character model sheets, and perhaps a life-sized drawing of your character. 



In this class, you will expand your artistic vocabulary and discover the secret of how to bring your characters to life. This course covers staging, silhouettes, posture, structure, costumes, color and shapes, and enables students to create characters imbued with human traits. You will discover how to create an imaginative world for your characters that will take you on an artistic journey that introduces techniques such as backgrounds, middle-grounds and foregrounds.


Graphic Design session

The Creative Thinkers Workshop at Otis College of Art and Design teaches graphic design fundamentals and how to apply those fundamentals to create and communicate messages. Students will design dynamic, effective visual pieces. The Graphic Design Summer Workshops will touch on many topics of design.


Design Composition develops an understanding of visual relationships and how to use them to communicate a direct and coherent message.



Typography develops an understanding of basic typographic vocabulary and basic typographic visual relationships.



Communication develops an understanding of basic image meaning, sequencing and narrative structure, and how these design practices create visual impact and clarity while solving communications problems.



Image Making develops an understanding of image making and drawing and their potential as tools for communication.



Branding and Visual Identity introduces students to branding and identity, and the designing of a visual identity program for delivery in varied, interrelated media formats.