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Irene Raskin
Lecturer, Sophomore Studio
Teaches In
Fashion Design

1980 Odessa Institute of Arts and Theater, Odessa, Ukraine. BFA                                               

1990 Santa Monica City College, Santa Monica, California.                         


Irene Raskin was born and raised in Odessa, Ukraine. She graduated from ART School for Young Talents where she completed her education getting a four-year degree in Costume Design and History at Odessa Institute for Arts and Theater. After graduation she worked for Folk National Costume Manufacturing Company where she designed and sketched costumes for folk singing and dancing groups and theaters. In 1982 she started teaching at Odessa College of Fashion Design a wide range of subjects including textiles, fittings, sewing techniques, stitching techniques, pattern making, draping in custom design. In 1987, Irene immigrated from the USSR to the U.S., where she settled in California. In 1990, she opened a couture fashion design boutique in Orange County, California, specializing in couture customized garments for weddings, galas and other special occasions. Her gowns adorned red carpets at local galas, at the opening of Segerstrom Hall, Pacific Symphony celebrations and other red-carpet events in Orange County, dressing local celebrities. In the Fall of 2021, Irene’s career made a full circle, when she accepted a Studio faculty position at Otis College of Art and Design.  


1979 Best Costume Design for production of Giuseppe Verdi’s “Ball- Masquerade”             

1980 Best Costume Design for production of Puccini’s “La Boheme” 

1985 Teacher of the Year Award at ODESSA College of Fashion Design.

1986 Odessa Newspaper published an article about Irene Raskin’s teaching skills.  

1989 First and Second place awards of the fashion show, Santa Monica City College.

1994 Award for Best Women-Owned Small Businesses in Orange County, California, by BBB