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Jane Engelman

Jane Engelman
Textile/Resource Specialist and Senior Lecturer, Textile Science
Teaches In
Fashion Design

BFA (Fashion Design) Otis College of Art and Design; BFA Design, Minors in Drawing and Textiles, Teaching Credential for K-12 in Art,  University of Iowa


I grew up in the Mid-West.  Being a member of Girl Scouts and 4-H reinforced my appreciation of craft.  I won a Blue Ribbon at the Missouri State Fair for my weaving sampler as a youth.  At the University of Iowa, I fell in love with art and teaching.  I was honored in the All State College Show for my Interlocking Animals print. I taught Junior High Exploratory classes and created crazy print bike shorts. In California I received a Thimble Award for my Perry Ellis design at Otis/Parson’s School of Design. As the Textile Strategist at Otis I help inspire and guide students in textile treatments from sample to finished garment. I coordinate the faculty and teach Textile Science.  I make blankets and give them to homeless people. I create stickers and postcards for skaters. I enjoy roller skating on the ramps.




Perry Ellis Thimble Award

Professional Accomplishments/Exhibitions:  

Sun Valley Public Library/Instructor for Design Workshop, Verdugo Skate Park/Artist, Mexican Cultural Center/ Artist, Pearson’s/ Curriculum advisor, Toledo/Toledo/ Art Exhibit Installation, Roosevelt Middle School/ Exploratory Instructor