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Steve McAdam

Steve McAdam
Department Chair
Teaches In
Product Design

MFA, Film/Design, California Institute of the Arts, BFA, Film/Animation, California Institute of the Arts


Steve McAdam is an educator and award-winning multi-disciplinary designer working professionally in a variety of fields that include; product design, exhibition design, publishing, packaging, graphic design, and entertainment.  


Television:  His career began as a child actor, working on a variety of television shows that included; Riverboat, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Leave It to Beaver, Whispering Smith, Wagon Train, Cimarron City, and others.  

Film:  Interned as a camera assistant on the Rolling Stones documentary Gimme Shelter and as a post-production assistant on the academy award-winning documentary Woodstock.  Documentary filmmaker for public television, directing and editing the biographical documentary series on famous scientific figures entitled “The Living Legends”, which aired on KCET and the BBC.    AWARDS:  '69 Esquire Film Festival Drama Category, Cine Golden Eagle, '74, '75                             

Animation:  As an undergraduate in film at Cal-Arts he worked as an assistant animator for television and motion pictures on Hanna Barbara, Jay Ward, Mirakami-Wolf, Duck Soup, and Pantomime Pictures cartoons, and on the feature film Yellow Submarine.                                                                 

PRODUCT:  Director of Product Design at Mattel Toys in Infant/Preschool, Games, and the Activities Entertainment groups and working on brands that included Barbie, He-Man, See N’ Say, Disney, Nickelodeon, Wham-O.   AWARDS:  '84 Matty Award, Best Toy and '83 Parent's Magazine, Toy of the Year.                                                                                             

GRAPHICS: Freelance graphic design, illustrator.  Political cartoonist for the Los Angeles Times, illustrator for educational books, children’s books, greeting cards, gifts, and stationery products.

PACKAGING: Packaging design for Prism Entertainment in Century City and various luxury packaging brands in the fashion, cosmetic, beverage and cosmetic industries. 

EXHIBITION:  Designed exhibitions for Toy Fair, Frankfurt Book Fair, and Monaco Luxe Pack Fair. 

PUBLISHING:  As Vice President of Creative Services for the Leo Paper Group and Leo Luxe Packaging a global printer and product manufacturer he has worked in the publishing, gift and stationery and packaging industries and conducted creative workshops with clients that include; Hallmark, Disney Publishing, Penguin-Putnam, Simon & Schuster, Scholastic, Studio 100, Coppenrath, Harper Collins, Reader’s Digest, Rand McNally, Zondervan, Nordstrom, Starbucks, to name a few.  He has taught Toy Design and Cartoon Illustration and Storyboarding at UCLA and is the Founding Academic Chair of Product Design at Otis College of Art and Design.  AWARDS: '09 China Print Award, '17 Golden Ink Award, '17, '19 Premier Print Award


  • Esquire Film Festival Award Best Dramatic Short 1969 
  • Awarded the Cine Golden Eagle Awards for the best educational documentary, 1974, 1975
  • Toy of the Year Award, Mattel, 1987
  • China Print Award, 2009, 2017
  • USASBE Innovative Pedagogy For Entrepreneurship Education Award, 2010
  • Golden Ink Award 2017
  • Premier Print Award 2017, 2019
  • Film:  Konrad Lorenz:  Of Geese and Men, 1973
  • Film: B.F. Skinner and Behavior Change:  Research, Practice and Promise, 1975 
  • Film: Dr. Spock: An American Institution, 1978
  • Visioneering and the Art of Distinctive Packaging, Packaging News, 2014
  • The Art of Distinctive Packaging, Packaging Digest, 2014