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Costume Design Emphasis

For Fashion Design majors interested in pursuing a career in Costume Design, the Fashion Design department is pleased to offer an optional area of emphasis. Building off a rigorous fashion design curriculum, which requires students to develop ideas that address specific design challenges, Costume Design Emphasis students will work on 3 targeted projects inspired by historical and cultural influences, story structure, and character development, and take 2 supplemental professional development courses. The program engages critcally-acclaimed costume design professionals and leading costume houses to guide students in the process of producing original designs and dynamic illustrations, combining  traditional and digital methods, for their portfolios. Story-driven ideas are at the core of our Costume Design Emphasis curriculum with a focus on new directions in character development for film, televisions, live performance, concept art, and video. By the end of their Junior year, students will have completed a Costume Design portfolio and, by the end of their studies, emerge from the Costume Design Emphasis as relevant, creative profesionals prepared for this exciting field. Recent Costume Design mentors include: Cirque du Soleil, Disney, Bob Mackie, Ironhead Studios, Louis Mingenbach, Eduardo Castro, Albert Wolsky, Western Costume, and NBCUniversal.

Recent Costume Design mentors include: Ruth Carter, Eduardo Castro, Ironhead Studio, Louise Mingenbach, Albert Wolsky, Cirque du Soleil, Bob Mackie,and Western Costume.






The Costume Design Emphasis is open to all Fashion Design majors. Upon declaring the Fashion Design major, students must also indicate an emphasis or they may choose to declare at a later time by completing an emphasis declaration form prior to the end of the sophmore Fall semester* Students must complete all Costume Design Emphasis required courses while fulfilling Fashion Design major requirements. There are 2 classes and 3 projects in total to complete the emphasis, and they fit seamlessly into the Fashion Design curriculum without requiring additional credits to complete the degree. See below for explanation of how required courses fit into the Fashion Design curriculum.


Required Courses

FSHD 213 Fashion Illustration/Intro to Design (includes Costume Project, substitutes for FSHD 212)

FSHD 351 Costume in Concept Art (will take in place of Junior Studio Elective)

FSHD 364 Fashion Design & Illustration II (includes Costume Project, substitutes for FSHD 363)

LIBS 407 Business of Costume (substitutes for LIBS 405)

FSHD 463 Fashion Design & Illustration III (includes Costumes Mentor Project, substitutes for FSHD 363)


Costume Designs for B. Akerlund

Costume Designs created for mentor, B. Akerlund (2019)


Ironhead Student Work

Costume Designs for Mentors: Jose Fernandez & Louise Mingenbach, Student Illustrations

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Mentor Albert Wolsky

Costume Emphasis 2017, Mentor: Albert Wolsky, Student Illustrations

Jose Fernandez & Louise Mingenbach

Presentation by Louise Mingenbach, award-winning Costume Designer, and Jose Fernandez, founder of Ironhead Studios.

Costume Design

Bob Mackie, award-winning Costume Designer.                                                  Student work for Cirque Du Soleil at SBS 2012            

Students who are interested in majoring in Fashion Design with an emphasis in Costume Design can find more information about the curriculum at Please refer back to this page for updates.

*To complete a Costume Design Emphasis Declaration form (Fall Sophmore only), please visit the One Stop to meet with Academic Advising.