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Mentors offer assessment of Junior and Senior student work via critique of mentored projects during design development, sketch selection, and fittings.


In the course of the academic year, each student works with two different mentors who provide design direction.  Junior direction is focused on casual and active sportswear in the moderately-priced market as well as always offering a sustainable design project, while seniors are given design direction for tailored garments, eveningwear, couture and costumes for the higher priced "designer" market. 


After receiving design direction from mentors, students engage in a vigorous process to define and clarify the conceptual basis of the design problem with weekly guidance from their faculty.   


This pedagogical approach embodies the departments teaching philosophy which advocates student learning through interaction with industry professionals.  Additionally, it promotes a high degree of professionalism as well as achieving other stated department goals.

Current Mentors 2017-18

First Mentor Projects

Senior Mentors

Bally Claudia Cividino

Bally - Claudia Cividino

Inspired by the Earth.  Create a collection of refined Luxury Separates for men and women, combining the spirit of Bally's Heritage craftmanship and modern shapes, proportions, and fabric mixes.

Poesia Chris Chang

Poesia - Chris Chang (Otis Alumni)

High Fashion + Maximilist + Uniqueness = Couture Chaos.  Create the ultimate Dress Collection for the hip high fashion socialite.

Prairie Underground Davora Linder

Prairie Underground - Davora Lindner

Create a sportswear collection for women, grounded in various weights and finishes of black and white or navy and white - based on the inspiration 'Lunar Eclipse'.

Junior Mentors

Alo Yoga Sapna Von Sick

Alo Yoga - Sapna Von Sick (Otis Alumni)

Youthful and ultra-modern, this collection embodies high volume and construction with extreme proportions.  Color are contemporary and rich with celestial undertones.

Bleu Rod Beattie

Bleu - Rod Beattie (Otis Alumni)

Swimwear that looks to the future with passion, imagination, innovation, and focus to create something extraordinary, sexy, modern, and sophisticated.

Universal Studios Marisol Gerona Bradford

Universal Studios - Marisol Gerona Bradford (Otis Alumni)

Upcoming top secret project in the works!

Second Mentor Projects

Senior Mentors

Ironhead Studio Jose Fernandez Louise Mingenbach

Jose Fernandez Ironhead Studios  and Louise Mingenbach Costume Designer

Create an eveningwear collection based on the signs of the Zodiac/Horoscope Signs.

Libertine Johnson Hartig

Libertine - Johnson Hartig

Create a Day/Evening Sportswear and Dress Collection for Women - Focus on Street-Style.

Photography by Christian Alvarez