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The LA Fashion Magazine on the 33rd Annual Otis Benefit and Fashion Show

Otis Fashion students and model for Urban Outfitters collection

Otis Celebrates in Style With The 33rd Annual Otis Benefit and Fashion Show

The 33rd Annual Otis Scholarship Benefit and Fashion Show in Beverly Hills, Celebrates California “Born and Bred” Fashion Brands in Style
On May 2nd The LA Fashion was invited once again to attend one of the best fashion events of the year, the 33rd annual Otis scholarship benefit and fashion show . The OTIS Annual Fashion Show is one of the best and well put together yearly fashion events in LA. The evening was not just glamourous but exhilarating. The lineup of attendees was very impressive as well as the fashion show itself. Some of the student work as you will see below is just beyond amazing and you ask yourself why are we still not the World  Capital of Fashion?
As the newly elected Bruce W. Ferguson mentioned it in his opening speech the “creative economy” in United States is close to 20% of our entire economy and California is not just the 7th wealthiest country in the world but also the number 1 creative power provider of this nation.
“Trina Turk, Lucky Brand, PacSun and their leaders – who we are thrilled to honor tonight – are fueling the strong creative economy of California which is both unbelievably significant and influential worldwide,” said Bruce W. Ferguson, President-Elect of Otis College of Art and Design. “We measure our civilizations in large part by what the culture produces. The students whose work you see tonight are the legacy of the future – of a sustainable and civilized future.“
The Annual ceremony started with honoring some of the leading figures of the California Fashion Industry. Otis College of Art and Design honored the distinguished recipients of its annual art and design awards. Carlos Alberini, CEO of iconic denim label Lucky Brand, accepted the 2015 Otis Fashion Leadership Award. Gary Schoenfeld, CEO of the successful youth culture retailer PacSun, was presented with the 2015 Otis Creative Vision Award, and fashion designer Trina Turk, ( an OTIS alumni herself) founder of the eponymous lifestyle brand, received the 2015 Otis Fashion Innovation Award. All three of this year’s Otis award recipients represent top fashion brands with strong roots in Southern California. Read more here.