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Sophomore Costume Design Emphasis Projects


The Sophomore Costume Track consisted of a design problem based on superheroes.  Students were asked to research characters and current trends in fashion to come up with a series of designs and computer generated illustrations of their visions of what a superhero would be.  They worked with a professional costume designer and costume illustrator for an eight week period developing fabric stories, preliminary sketches, and finally computer generated illustrations for a final presentation of a series of costume designs.  Working in small groups per character, the students got to experience what it is like for a costume designer to develop, conceptualize, and design a character through the supervision of an actual costume designer. As a final part of the students instruction, the entire group was invited to a working fabrication house known as "Iron Head", and were given a tour of their facility by its owner and key character builder. The students were shown all the different phases necessary to bring a character to life from an original sketch, to the actual mold making, and fabricating of a Hollywood block buster "Superhero".  This concentrated instruction and exposure to a real costume designer led to many of the students getting to work on play house productions during their summer break, before returning to school as Juniors.

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Sophomore Student Work

Sophomore Student Work 2017

Sophomore Work

Sophomore Student Work 2016