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Jody Rollins Launches Lifestyle Brand Yellow 108

May 3, 2012
Spotlight Category: Alumni
Jody Rollins (’05 Fashion Design)
Yellow 108
Yellow 108 is a lifestyle brand that specializes in accessories made from salvaged and eco textiles. We design and manufacture hats, bags, scarves and sunglasses that are simple, fun and easy to wear every day.
Starting up
My father raised me to believe that being your own boss is the best way. I always admired his honest hard work, fun lifestyle and commitment to family. In 2010 a colleague came to me with an amazing opportunity and I just knew it was time to go for it.
Biggest reward/challenge  
The rewards are unexplainable – maybe like when you have kids (which I don’t). It’s that instinctive energy that drives you to nurture something because you know if you don’t do it no one else will. This reward is also what makes it the most challenging, but I like it.
Breakthrough moment
It was the day I found beauty in an Excel spreadsheet. Moments like this are like crushing a shell of who you think you are, opening you up to all the possibilities of who you could become.
Thank you, Otis!
I always tell people proudly that Otis taught me the fundamentals – a strong work ethic and problem solving skills. But most importantly it was the creative criticism that gave me tough skin to weather the real world with a smile.