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Kirstie Kelly Starts Her Own Couture Line

May 3, 2012
Spotlight Category: Alumni
Kirstie Kelly (’93 Fashion Design)
Kirstie Kelly Couture
Kirstie Kelly’s designs reunite the timeless companions of profound originality and grace. The collections breathe an authentic spirit into the life of couture design.Her creations are understatedly classic yet are designed with deliberate femininity. She uses only the finest fabrics and couture factories from around the world. The result, in turn, is simply a legacy of unparalleled style.
Starting up
I worked for both small and large companies before striking out on my own. I wanted to make sure I had learned as much as possible at different types of companies first. It was also very important to me to make sure I had a solid product and business environment before striking out to do my own thing.
Biggest challenge: Making the right decisions and keeping the corporate culture healthy so our team has an environment in which they excel.
Breakthrough moment
I don’t feel I have had a breakthrough moment. As an entrepreneur and designer, I seem to always be striving to do better.
Thank you, Otis!
Rose never allowed us to do second best; she was constantly pushing us to the limits. This was exactly what I needed to have the confidence in a challenging industry to rise to the top. I suppose I always felt that if I had made it through Rose’s program, I could certainly make it through anything.