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State Grants

California State Grant (CalGrant)

Cal Grants, awarded by the state to qualified residents, are based on financial need and grade point average. The California State Grant requires two forms to be completed by March 2nd to determine qualification:

  1. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  This will be used to evaluate a student's family income information.  The Asset and Income Ceilings chart is located in the Cal Grant website.  Students' whose family income is above the income ceilings are still encouraged to apply just in case a change of family situation occurs.
  2. Applications are available through the California Student Aid Commission website or through the Financial Aid Office beginning January 1.  High Schools seniors are highly encouraged to visit their High School counselors to apply electronically.  Electronic applicaiton can save a great deal of processing time by the state.  Community College Transfer students should check with their CC registration office.

To apply, a student must be a California resident for at least one year prior to application, from March to March.  Students who attended a non-graded high school must take the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). The deadline for filing the SAT forms is September of each year. Further information can be obtained from the College Board Admissions Testing Program, P.O. Box 1025, Berkeley, CA 94701.

Students can check their CalGrant by establishing a User ID Using the website can save you time waiting on the phone with the California Student Aid Commission.

Students and parents would need to requilify based on income every year.  Income limits is made available from the California Student Aid Commission on a yearly basis.  Award is paid to the student's Otis account on a per semester basis.  Students must meet Satisfactory Academic Progress.

California Dream Act

Students who qualify under AB540 can receive the California State Grant, Chafee Grant and Otis Grant.

More current information is available on the State website:

Out-of-State Scholarship and Grant Programs

Many states maintain scholarship and grant programs. The requirements for qualifying students may vary from state to state, but students must maintain a legal permanent address in their home state.

Outside State Agency Websites

Rhode Island State Grant - Grant amount is between $250-$2000, renewable for three years and portable to other states.