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Alumni Mario Ybarra Jr. and John Baldessari in The Manifest Destiny Billboard Project

Billboard from "Barrio Aesthetics" in Mobile, AL
Two Otis alumni are participating in The Manifest Destiny Billboard Project, LAND’s (Los Angeles Nomadic Division) cross-country exhibition of 100 artist-produced billboards and activations, which unfolded along on Interstate 10 in 10 consecutive artist chapters beginning in October 2013.
As part of The Manifest Destiny Billboard Project, Fine Arts alumnus Mario Ybarra, Jr. (’99) will be speaking at an artist panel and reception hosted by Sotheby’s Institute of Art on June 28, 2015.
He previously contributed to the project with his billboard “Barrio Aesthetics,” which was displayed in Mobile, Alabama from January 24 through March 19, 2014. Ybarra, Jr. is interested in inserting the daily culture and experience of one city and neighborhood into another, both contrasting and familiar. Watch a video of the artist discussing the project here.
This fall, another Fine Arts alumnus John Baldessari (’57) will exhibit his chapter of The Manifest Destiny Billboard Project, entitled "Love and Work," employing the traditional advertising trope of repetition, as all 10 of the billboards display the same image, scattered throughout the San Antonio, TX area. Using this tactic, the image was designed to be engrained in the minds of commuters, drawing connections between the disparate locations of the billboards. The billboard will be on view from September 26 to October 2015.