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Faculty Member Dani Tull in Jacob Lewis Gallery Group Exhibition

Dani Tull, Feeder (Houndstooth) 2015. Oil on linen, 60”x42”
Fine Arts faculty member Dani Tull will exhibit new work in a group show opening June 11 at Jacob Lewis Gallery in New York.
Jacob Lewis Gallery’s upcoming group exhibition Between Two Worlds features work by Michael Bevilacqua, Matthew Ronay, Dean Sameshima, and Otis faculty member Dani Tull. The exhibition will be on view June 12–July 18 with an opening reception Thursday, June 11, 6-8pm.
Between Two Worlds explores the spiritual phase between the conception of a piece and its finished form. This is the space in which the artist operates, between the creating and the creation. It is the balance between the contemporary art world and a more personal one, completely individual to the artist. These works reveal a discrete visual language, an idiosyncratic code which is revealed as the result of the artist’s pursuit to communicate. In the words of Matthew Ronay, “Being in the studio has its purifying qualities, like the first artist, its primordial struggle to understand and untangle, to create imagery spontaneously out of a need to emphasize what is moving and harmonious.”
Tull’s work emits an aura of faux spiritualism. Childlike otherworldliness reveals itself through the linking of myriad time periods and cultural associations. Artifacts of pop culture, religion, style, and art history are warped to create a dreamlike world of illusion and wonder. Brightly painted lips sit on electrically colored backgrounds, opening to reveal a utopian sunsets. Associations create overlapping metaphors of a spiritual, collective consciousness that serves as the core of the work. Read more here.