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Abigail Cosio Starts Bedford Fall Headwear

May 3, 2013
Spotlight Category: Alumni
Abigail Cosio (’07 Fine Arts)
Bedford Fall Headwear
Bedford Falls Headwear makes vintage inspired headwear and accessories using a variety of materials including leather, feathers, fabric, lace, applique, buttons and beads.  We are based in New Orleans with a retail location, and we also enjoy the traveling carnival aspect of attending music festivals where our product fits well into the scenery or celebration. Our product harkens back to a time when ladies dressed ornately and decadently. We modernize that fashion expression by allowing it to be a modern woman’s celebration of self and independence, much like the bobbed cuts of the roaring ‘20s. We want our pieces to be more than an accessory, but a statement of self-worth. Our motto is “ Stay Pretty,” and we describe our product as “handmade, personalized pieces of art that are meant to glorify and beautify the lady wearing it, to remind us that we are beautiful and stunning and to announce it from the soles of our feet to the tops of our heads”.
Starting up
I had been creatively dissatisfied with my current position for some time and joined the job search. I had begun making headwear and accessories and finding opportunities to sell my work. It whetted my appetite for working for myself, and the time came to fully commit and give Bedford Falls a chance.
Biggest reward
Once I became my own boss, it was the first time I was given freedom to commit all my artistic energy to my own interests. With that, I have found that I have become addicted to the feeling of productivity and advancement because it directly affects my life, as opposed to working for a company where more effort and commitment can go unnoticed and under-appreciated.
Biggest challenge
To know when to stop working and to find time to be inspired and influenced in order to continue to create.
Breakthrough moment
Finding the setting that would both distinguish and cultivate my company. While on a trip to New Orleans, I saw ample opportunity to thrive in art, music, design and retail. There is an entrepreneurial spirit here and a very receptive audience, something I personally had yet to find in Los Angeles. It is also a very small town creatively speaking and notoriety comes quickly for those with a tenacious work ethic. New Orleans provided a grass-roots beginning, and is a city that held dear the same principles that I had chosen for my company: celebration, revelry, self-expression and decadence.
Thank you, Otis!
The artistic training that encouraged me to find my own medium and voice is ultimately why I continued to make my own work even after finding an artistic position working for a company. In the handmade/craft industry, good work is easily distinguishable from the hobbyist, and the training I had at Otis is what drives me to continue to take my craft a step further. I feel that commitment to professionalism translates.