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First Day of Class Procedures



Pass Out Syllabus

  • Make sure you distribute a syllabus to your students and go over important information. 


Take Attendance

  • Required Attendance-Taking.  Otis is required by the federal government to maintain attendance records for all students.  You must record attendance for every class session and, at the end of the semester, submit your completed Attendance/Roster sheet to the Registration Office.

  • First Day of Class Attendance.  After your first class, please submit a roster to your Department in which you indicate (1) students who attended, (2) students who attended but weren’t on the roster, and (3) students who didn’t attend (and may have dropped the class).  The Department will then relay this information to the Registration Office.  The information will enable the College to make an accurate count of students and contact those who didn’t show up.

+While preferred names appear on class rosters provided by the Registration Office, only a student’s legal name will appear on a roster generated through Self Service.


​Report Absences

  • Students Not on the Roster.  Students who attend but aren’t on the roster may not yet be officially enrolled, even if they think they are.  If a student not on the roster can show you a schedule print-out with the course listed, that student is enrolled.  If the student can’t provide this documentation, please send the student to the Registration Office to officially add the class.
  • Two Consecutive Absences.  Students who miss two consecutive class meetings at any time during the course of the semester must be immediately reported to the Department, which will then notify the Registration Office to follow up.  If a student with two consecutive absences has left Otis, the College is required by the federal government to return federal financial aid within a very limited window.  Failure to comply could jeopardize our ability to award financial aid to future students.
  • Updated and Final Rosters.  Updated course enrollment is available daily in O-Space, accessible via the pathway below.  A final roster will be provided by the Registration Office after the last day to drop a class.            

                Dashboard > Login > Select O-Space > Select your course > Select the Settings Tab or the
                People Tab > If the Settings Tab, select Attendance  (horizontal menu on the left)

    For help with O-Space, contact Jean-Marie Venturini, Instructional Designer, at (310) 846-2576 or
  • If you have any questions regarding these procedures, please call the Registration Office at (310)  665-6950 or email us at


Check With Your Department

  • Follow-up with your department as they may have additional first day requirements.


Report Classroom Issues

  • If any computer equipment in the classroom is not working, contact the Academic Computing Helpdesk at or (310) 665-6825. 


  • Let your department know if anything else is amiss in the classroom.