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Affinity Sections

Affinity Sections

Students enrolled in the Foundation program take their core courses with a section, or group of students who, as a learning community, share the same weekly schedule, faculty, projects, and assignments. Sections allow students to bond well with their classmates and learn quickly in a familiar environment.

Foundation sections are created around broadly transferrable making and thinking skills and themes or skill-bases that some students might find particularly interesting, or share an affinity for. Each Section’s name indicates its identifying theme or topic, which inform select learning experiences unique to that section throughout the school year.

All Foundation sections provide excellent instruction in traditional and experimental learning. Likewise, all Foundation studio courses offered within all sections engage students in the creative process through a progression of projects, assignments, and activities that lead to the development of skills and thinking shared by all art and design disciplines

Foundation Affinity Sections

Making Meaning Matter

Do you enjoy researching and discussing ideas? This section's Principles of Design class will emphasize critical thinking as a tool for exploratory design and visual organization. Through active inquiry and deep reflection, this section promotes an engagement with conceptual thinking and analytical investigation.

Made by Hand

Students enrolled in these sections approach each class project with an emphasis on broad, transferable traditional and progressive art and design skill-building as well as enhancing their personal creative practice. Inventiveness is emphasized by discussion, demonstration, and the introduction of exemplars and their practices.

Making through Technologies

The Technology sections include additional instruction in photography, Photoshop, and Illustrator in the courses Principles of Design and Connections through Color and Design. In these courses, students have weekly access to computer labs and mobile computing stations in both semesters.

Make it Write

FNDT 115 links with ENGL 107.

In the first semester, in this Affinity Section, Principles of Design and Writing in the Digital Age are taught by the same instructor who has degrees in both Art & Design and Writing. Students will explore the overlaps and divergences of both disciplines, analyzing visual material and creative concepts both verbally and in writing.

Art, Design & Language

In this section, students will be encouraged to explore the relationships between art, design and culture, while acclimating to the Otis College curriculum and its surroundings. This section will align with the Developmental English I/II class.