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Foundation Year Paris Elective

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Paris is your classroom: this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the capital of European Art guided by Otis Foundation faculty. See the greatest museums in the world: the Louvre, the Musee D'Orsay, the Pompidou...; walk through masterpieces of European architecture; draw in your visual journal in the beautiful gardens of Paris; eat warm French bread while you walk the streets and take in the buzz of Parisian life.

ContactCenter for International Education or Lead Faculty: Matthew Penkala


I would recommend this program to other students. I would tell them that it is quite literally the opportunity of a life time and an experience you will never forget. You learn not only as individuals but as a group unit. You learn life lessons that will remain with you always that help you understand the world in another light. It is a very humbling and beautiful experience that I believe every student should be apart of. It is an investment in your future.

-Paris Student, Spring 2017

I would absolutely recommend this program. First, if you think you know how to sketch now, well buddy, you are going to KNOW how to sketch by the end. It is astonishing the gigantic difference just small suggestions from the faculty make. Listen to them. If you are unsure, please ask questions. Honestly, just become their friends. They are wonderful people and root you into this culture that you otherwise would just kind of float through. Take your time to do research on the places you are going to. That is my one piece of advice. You will be running around these massive spaces and if you only have an hour to draw, having a general idea of where pieces are or which ones a museum has that you like, I feel would have been extremely helpful.

- Paris Student, Spring 2017

I highly recommend this program to future students. It is a once in a lifetime experience to study so vigorously in a beautiful environment like Paris. You get to enjoy food, famous museums, and meet new friends that you wouldn’t have otherwise became as close with. The knowledge and experience I gained from this course is priceless. I understand how to effectively utilize visual jounrals and I am eager to continue using sketchbooks throughout the rest of my life.

- Paris Student, Spring 2016

Approximate Cost: $3,200
   Land transportation
   Excursions and activities
   Museum entrance fees
   Experiential learning activities
   Site entrance fees
   Breakfast at hotel
   Two group dinners

   Not Included:
   Personal expenses
   Personal meals
   Transportation to and from LAX
   Passport Fees
   Tourist Visa Fees (If applicable)

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