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Confidential Contact

The Office of Residence Life and Housing provides students of any age the option to register a Confidential Contact. The confidential contact on file will be notified within 24 hours if a resident is determined to be missing by the Office of Residence Life or a local law enforcement agency. 


A confidential contact is separate from an emergency contact. The confidential contact is to be used only for investigation of a missing person. Emergency contact information is used for situations deemed as emergencies, such as: medical emergencies, physical injury, and if the reported missing person is less than 18 years old and not legally emancipated. An administrator for Residence Life and Housing is authorized to confirm any law enforcement agency request for confidential contact information and can access and release the information for investigation of a missing person report.


By registering a confidential contact, a student is giving express permission to law enforcement to contact the identified person or persons for the purpose of a missing person investigation. This person can be the same person as your emergency contact; however they do need to be listed twice: once as your emergency contact and once as your confidential contact.