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Outstanding Workplace Leaders Award

Outstanding Workplaces Leaders Award
A survey was emailed after the last Town Meeting in August 2015 asking the entire Otis College Community what components of an employee recognition program are most valued. The results were overwhelmingly in favor for:
  • Team awards (rather than individual recognition)
  • Nominations that included the entire Otis College Community (not just full-time staff)
  • An award that could be used by everyone (not just benefits-eligible employees)
Based on the survey results, a revamp to the College's employee recognition program (formerly known as the CASA Award) was done by the Events Committee to better align YOUR FEEDBACK with the College's value of recognizing outstanding workplace leaders.
The Events Committee is proud to present Otis College's new and improved employee recognition program - the OWL (Outstanding Workplace Leaders) Award!
What is the OWL Award?
The OWL Award recognizes teams of 2 to 5 faculty and/or staff members (excluding Senior Team officers) that exemplify a Workplace Value (Mission-centric, Communication, Sustainability, Collaboration, or Performance.) A different Workplace Value will be highlighted each Town Meeting.
Who is eligible to received an OWL Award?
All Otis College-paid employees are eligible to receive an OWL Award except for Senior Team officers. Eligible employees include staff, faculty, part-timers, full-timers, Chairs, Directores, etc. as long as the individual does not serve on Senior Team.
Who can submit a nomination?
Otis College-paid employees at ALL LEVELS of the College (including Senior Team officers) can nominate teams of 2 to 5 individuals. However supervisors cannot nominate their direct reports. Preference will be given to nominations that cross multiple departments.
Who decides on the winning team?
The Events Committee. (Note: If an Events Committee member is nominated for an award, they are automatically recused from voting.)
How will the Otis community be informed of the winners of the OWL Award?
Winners are announced at Town Meetings.
What do awardees receive?
Each member of the winning team will receive a bonus check for a gross payment of $100 less applicable tax withholdings. Individuals may receive the award once per year.